LSA offers Grade 9 to Grade 12 program.
LSA Students will earn OSSD upon graduation.

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LSA College Counseling

As LSA is a Top Art College Prep institution in Korea, Republic of, we thoughtfully guide our students to acheive their Art Career goal. Getting a College admission is one of the most significant path to the successful Art Career, we provide the most comprehensive and personalized college counseling to our students.

Diagnostic Strengths and Opportunities Aseessment

Academic Planning and Guidance

Extra-Curricular and Leadership Expereince Guidance

Test Prep Strategy

Ongoing Support

LSA is also well recognized and well known as the top Art Portfolio preparation. Our Art Portfolio curriculum prepares students’ personal needs and standard per grade. It is designed a small-size class and a personalized lesson based on creativity and originality.
  • Grade 9
    Objective : Students will be focused to learn the understanding of creativity and originality based on Art & Design theory and practical lessons. They will also learn to develop Art expression technique and also material usage ability.

    Counseling Advice : Students’ art work will be selected to hold a personal art exhibition. 1 on 1 Art work review sessions with professors will be provided to indentify the strength and weakness.
  • Grade 10
    Objective : Students who have experienced basic art and design will improve their skills through theoretical and practical classes. In this Phase, 1 on 1 Advice for Brainstorming session is given to develop students’ individual topics and ideas. Workbook session is also given to students to learn how to express who they are as part of development progress.

    Counseling Advice : Students are advised to embody their own story. It is a basic step to embody your own story. From this phase, students will be analyzed their aptitude tendencies and receive one-on-one advice regarding a major.
  • Grade 11
    Objective : Students will be focused on application programs with various media such as art materials, videos, computer graphics programs. They will learn how to utilize the media programs in various way.

    Counseling Advice : Based on Art & Design, Academic curriculum, LSA’s Aptitude and Propensity analysis will be conducted and students will be given a major selection counseling with a professial at LSA. After a major is selected, 1 on 1 intensive counseling will be provided to determine the concept and direction of each student’s portfolio.
  • Grade 12
    Objective : As this is the last phase of portfolio preparation, Students will be given a private art work space to finalize the portfolio. They will finalize the portfolio with a professional per theme of each art work based on the selected college and the selected major requirements.

    Counseling Advice : Students will receive a final advice through LSA’s aptitude and propensity analysis then a final major selection is completed. With this selected major, students will receive an 1:1 intensitve counseling. During this phase, students will be provided a list of top 10 ranked college or universities that will be most suitable to the students. When applying for prestigious colleges or universities, they will undergo a revised and supplementary session after reviewing their portfolios. Individual consulting for a scholarship will be provided as well.
  • * The Professionalism and dedicated preparation process at LeRêve School of Arts are aimed to scholarships


Counseling for College / Major sellection

GPA and Student’s needs analysis
College Ranking, location, and academic environment analysis


Advice for all admission required items

Essay prompt for each college
A required documents guideline advice
English Proficiency and other Standard Test information advice
Resume, Brag sheet, Activity list guideline advice
Portfolio requirements advice


College Essay

Essay Training per major
Essay review and edit



Provide a portfolio description form sample
Provide how to upload a portfolio
Portfolio description review and edit


Enrollment processing consultation

Tuition deposit, housing deposit payment
I-20 and other relavent documents
Proof of Financial support
Residence application
Course Registration
Health form
A Photo for a student card


VISA process consultation

DS 160 application form
Required documents and checklist
SEVIS Fee payment
Interview appointment
Final check on required documents
Mok-VISA Interview training