LSA Gallery : Exihibition

The most important part of admissions to prestigious art & design universities is the portfolio. Portfolio can be the opportunity to show individual potential talents, creativity and originality. Creative portfolios will be defined as very high-quality portfolios if they are expressed based on their unique concepts, ideas, and philosophy.

Portfolio preparation at LeRêve School of Arts International are focused on individuality and creativity that are main key criteria for a scholarship. A large number of students at LeRêve School of Arts International including non-art major students, are offered various scholarships from a college.

With well prepared Portfolio for a scholarship is never a dream. Students whether they are previous art-major or not, can achieve your dream here at LeRêve School of Arts International. We are here to help!

Chaewon Yoon's Exhibition


Ziane Lestar's Exhibition

Some Kind of Wonderful

Suehyeon Jo's Exhibition

Like the process of nurturing a fruit from a seed, each piece of artwork symbolizes my steps toward growth

Ji-Seong Lee's Exhibition

Fleeting Emotions